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QuickBooks Price Level Lists

Learn How to Use the QuickBooks Price Levels Menu Option


The price level option is a handy QuickBooks tool allowing you to change the standard charges you enter into QuickBooks to bill out to your customers.  Why would you find this feature alluring? Well, if you’ve been in business for any length of time you know that not all customers are created equal.  

That’s where setting up price level lists will make your billing life easier - you can use them to modify standard customer billing.  This option lets you quickly set up automatic price increases and decreases that you can apply to various customers or inventory items.

Using QuickBooks Price Level Lists for Customer Billing

This is your introduction to QuickBooks price levels. You also learn how to use them to modify standard customer billing. Plus you'll find out the difference between using fixed percentage or per item price levels.

How to Set Up QuickBooks Fixed Percentage Price and Per Item Price Levels

Now that you understand the basics of QuickBooks price levels, this article shows you how to set up QuickBooks fixed percentage and per item price levels. Fixed percentage let's you increase or decrease by a certain percentage amount you set up.  Per item lets you set custom prices for your specific arts and crafts items you sell.

Linking Price Levels to Customers and Invoices

It's time to associate your price levels with customers. Unfortunately, price levels don't just magically attach themselves to the proper customer or invoice. You have to do that yourself. However, the good news is that you've already done all the heavy lifting on this task by creating the price levels. In the article, you learn how to use QuickBooks to associate your price levels with customers.

Find Out More About Purchasing QuickBooks

Don't own QuickBooks or are interested in upgrading to the 2011 version? Purchase QuickBooks Pro for as little as $127. Keep in mind that you can use QuickBooks Pro for fixed percentage price levels only.  For many arts and crafts businesses this will be sufficient.

You will need a slightly more expensive version of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Premier, if you want to set up both fixed percentage and per item price levels.  Per item price levels is a very quick way to really tailor your invoices and customer billing.

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