1. Money


Find out about ArtFire.com, a inexpensive way to market your arts / crafts online. ArtFire offers a free 14-day trial. After that, an ArtFire studio costs $12.95 a month with unlimited listings with no listing fees or commissions. Like any online presence, maintaining an ArtFire shop takes work. Curious about ArtFire? Find out more about how crafters can use this online marketplace for their arts and crafts business.

ArtFire.com is a new online marketplace for artists and crafters. They offer a free 14-day trial. After that, an ArtFire studio costs $12.95 a month with unlimited listings with no fees or commissions. Find out more about ArtFire in a question and answer session with ArtFire's Member Engagement.

Setup an ArtFire.com Account
Curious about how quick and easy it is to setup an ArtFire account? Read my ArtFire.com account setup tutorial. If you've already picked out a shop name, it takes about five minutes.

Eight Steps For Managing Your ArtFire Shop
After you've selected a shop name and setup your Artfire.com account, your next step is to manage your studio. You'll select the color theme for your shop, provide your bio and shop information and upload items to sell.

Editing Your ArtFire Bio and Introduction
The appearance of your ArtFire.com studio storefront is very important as it gives your potential customers a look into your arts / crafts business. The first step is to create a studio introduction and owner bio.

Editing Your ArtFire.com Studio
Just like a storefront display window, your ArtFire.com studio appearance is used to create a visually attractive look to draw customers in. Learn how to select your ArtFire studio color, theme and layout. Also discussed is the importance of having a cohesive avatar and banner.

How to List Products on ArtFire.com
Before you can sell on ArtFire.com, you need to add products to your studio. ArtFire.com's add product template has a few mandatory fields and many optional fields. Taking care in filling in both will help to drive traffic to your studio.

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