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Jessica Chastain's Red Prada Dress


Arts and Crafts Functional Trend - Jessica Chastain Prada Dress
Jessica Chastain's Red Prada Dress

Jessica Chastain at the 18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards

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In a prior article about arts and crafts trends, I mention operating an arts and crafts business working part-time seasonally. Two of the suggestions for this I made based on researching the marketplace and talking to my clients are specializing in wedding or prom arts and crafts. And, remember what I said about functional crafts in that series of articles too!

Well, last week, I came across a few actresses wearing bib accessory items that will trend for this year's wedding and prom attire. This article talks about ways you can modify this trend and make it your own.

I've narrowed my field of discussion to two actresses wearing different designers: Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway wearing Gucci, McQueen and Prada. First up - Jessica Chastain.

Jessica Chastain in Red Jeweled Prada Dress

Jessica Chastain wore this dress to the 18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards. While somewhat time-consuming if you fabricate the jeweled necklace by hand, this is a very simple design. To make the fabrication cost effective for sale through your arts and crafts business, use appropriate glue instead of hand stitching. Also, to lighten up the weight of the decorative neckline you could sew or glue on sequins in addition to or instead of the gemstones.

There are plenty of faux stones at craft stores that apply to fabric with either fabric glue or glue made for the product. I bought some at Michaels that I used for the eye of my black cat Halloween bag (see Image 3 and 4). This prototype cat is going on 10 years old, hung on my refrigerator door so it sees plenty of activity and the stone is still solidly in place.

Now you might be saying, that's great but I don't want to make a dress. No problem. You can work with bridal or tailoring shops in your area and fabricate only the ornamental portion so they can add your handcrafted work to their dresses. Another suggestion is to make the ornamental portion with instructions on how your customer can attach it to their own attire. This can be a easily done with tape Velcro, snaps or pined from underneath the garment only catching the backside of the ornamental portion.

You could also make this into a separate collar that snaps at the back of the neck and lays on top of the dress. This makes cleaning the dress a breeze as the jeweled part can be removed prior to cleaning the main garment.

Tips for Making a Jeweled Neckpiece

Use fabric with body and/or use fabric stiffener or iron on interfacing. Keep the overall weight light - If the piece is too heavy and the garment fabric has too much give, the look just will not work. The neckline will fall forward from the chest area, creating an unattractive gap. However, if you are fabricating a separate collar, heavier is ok as it will be sitting on top of the garment. Actually, a good way to make the separate collar piece totally wearable is to recommend to the customer that they pin it to the dress at the bottom of the V (coming from the underside of the garment and only catching the back of the collar piece).

For a collar piece sold separately, cut out two pieces of fabric. Place the right-side of the two pieces of fabric together, iron on interfacing to one side and sew one edge. Turn the fabric right-side out, apply the ornamentation to the front. Turn in and hand-stitch the remaining raw edges.

Pattern Suggestions

Vogue 1247 comes with a nice v-neckline and while the pattern states it's for average sewers, it's the skirt portion of the pattern that is more advanced. The blouse only has three main pieces and is very easy to sew. You could apply the ornamentation directly to the blouse or use the V necklace as a guide to make your pattern for a collar piece.

With the right fabric choice, this intimate pattern, Vogue 7837 could also be used. Jessica Chastain's red Prada dress was made from silk.

Where to Buy the Materials and Supplies

I buy all my patterns and material from either JoAnn or a specialty fabric shop in my area. The sequins and faux stones in Halloween cat bag article were purchased at Michael's. They also have a good selection at Hobby Lobby.

Next up - Jessica Chastain in black Alexander McQueen with an embroidered circular neckline - also very easy to modify and make your own.

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