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Arts/Crafts Business Management

Business management information and resources on how to deal with day-to-day non-creative side of your arts/crafts business. Learn more about hiring, paying and managing labor, selecting business insurance and establishing vendor relationship.
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Working Towards Arts and Crafts Business Success
To achieve success in your arts and crafts business you have to be flexible and persistent. It’s foolhardy to continue with one business approach when you know it’s just not working out. True persistence is when you are able to put mistakes behind you and concentrate your effort in another direction, with minimal hand wringing and regrets.

How to Restore Your Computer to Factory Settings
Is your computer running slow? As a last-ditch effort consider restoring it to factory settings. Find out how to restore to factory settings and see a few alternatives to this extreme measure.

Expanding Revenue Potential for Your Arts and Crafts Business
Part and full time arts and crafts business owners should pursue alternate ways to make money during slow selling seasons. It's only good business to piggy-back on your knowledge and skills by teaching or self-publishing about them.

Arts and Crafts Bartering
Thinking about engaging in bartering as part of your arts and crafts business? Before you enter into any bartering transaction make sure you receive equal value and understand the bartering tax implications.

Using Crowd Funding to Fund Arts and Crafts Projects
Crowd funding is a web-based service bringing creative projects together with interested investors. Arts and crafts business owners can use a crowd funding platform to get risk-free financing by offering rewards to project donors.

Rework: A Guide to Succeeding in Your Arts and Crafts Business
Read my review of Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. This easy to read book takes you on a refreshing 'opposites day' when compared to other new business primers. Recommended for all business owners, startup or established.

Craft Business Resources
Looking for some fantastic current resources for the business side of your arts and crafts company? I recommend six websites providing free or inexpensive services from scrapbooking software programs to legal advise to synching note taking programs.

Understanding the Time Value of Money
Use the time value of money to figure out how much a $1 today will be worth in the future. It's also used to evaluate between different business decisions such as buying versus renting equipment. Find out how to do a basic time value calculation.

Five Basic Rules for Operating a Business
I have five basic rules for managing my business. I've found that if you follow these five basic rules, the other aspects of running my business fall inline.

Using the Time Value of Money To Reach Goals
Knowing how to figure the time value of money comes in handy when making business decisions such as figuring out how much you have to save today to open an arts and crafts business tomorrow.

Learn About The Three Types of Arts and Crafts Businesses
Which type of arts and crafts company do you own? Depending on how you operate your business you can be a service, merchandising or manufacturing company – or any combination of the three.

Arts and Crafts Business Insurance
Many artists and crafters, especially those working out of their homes, forget there is often a need for business insurance. But what kind and how much? The best place to start is with the insurance agent handling your home or auto insurance. This article gives suggestions for the arts or crafts business owner to consider.

Arts and Crafts Business Incubators
Business incubators provide arts and crafts workspace, equipment, business services and relevant mentoring to new and emerging businesses for a fraction of the actual cost. Interested in finding out more about entering such a program? This article provides info on finding an incubator in your local area and details incubators located in...

Arts and Crafts Brainstorming
Working as an artists or crafter is a solitary pursuit. To keep from getting stuck in a design rut, find out about joining arts and crafts support groups for brainstorming.

Manage and Grow
Business management information and resources on how to deal with day-to-day non-creative side of your arts/crafts business. Learn more about hiring, paying and managing labor, selecting business insurance and establishing vendor relationships.

Fighting Bed Bugs in Found and Vintage Items
If you use vintage or found items to make your arts and crafts you may inadvertently bring bed bugs back to your shop with the item. Find out some suggestions for de-bugging your arts and crafts raw materials.

Introduction to Freelance Service Fiverr
Need help with your arts and crafts business and are on a tight budget? You may find a great freelancer for $5 at Fiverr. Find out about this online service matching jobs with contractors for a cool $5.

Year-End Procedures for Arts and Crafts Businesses
Walk through the best practices for closing out the year for your arts and crafts business so you can start the new year with a clean slate.

Dividing Your Arts and Crafts Workspace
Especially relevant for arts and crafts business owners working out of a small house or apartment, learn how to divide your arts and crafts fabrication into different workspaces.

Using Juried Art Services Digial Jury System
Learn about using Juried Art Services to apply to enter arts and crafts shows such as the Smithsonian Craft Show.

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