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Self-Employment Teaching and Writing Opportunities


My first article in this series about staying employed by being self-employed discusses an article I found at AOL Jobs about employers specifically targeting the unemployed as being unhireable. As many of my arts and crafts clients operate their business on a part-time basis, I thought I would suggest two other ways besides operating a part-time arts and crafts business you can think about to stay employed during periods of unemployment. Of course, if at all possible, it's best to get these plans in motion before you are facing a job crisis

Those That Can Teach About It

A witty little saying used to be that 'those that can't do it, teach". Well, just forget about it. The best way to showcase your knowledge is to teach and write about it. As artists and crafters, we have a wide market of customers who are interested in learning the basic techniques on how to fabricate our products.

Spend some time scouring class listings in your local area. In my geographic area, the local art museum, senior centers, bead and craft stores have frequent classes in the arts and crafts. Also, you may have a Learning Annex type of business in your area. From looking at their website, apparently their classes now extend beyond land-based.

I used to teach a three hour course six times a year for an accounting client who owned a similar type learning facility (after ten years it just got stale and I bowed out). You won't get rich doing it, but it's good experience, will keep you updated in the topic area and looks good on a resume.

Becoming a Published Expert in Your Field

Back in the day, it was pretty hard to get published. Most manuscripts sent 'over the transem' - that is sent unsolicted to a publishing house, are rejected. Finding a literary agent to act as your advocate isn't easy.

However, with the escalating popularity of e-readers, it's becoming much easier (and acceptable) to self-publish. Amazon even has free e-books giving you the low-down on how to format a manuscript for Kindle. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy to adapt a manuscript for other e-readers.

The next article in the first page in my self-publishing tutorial using Amazon Kindle with suggested resources for other e-readers.

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