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Anna Sui Runway Fall 2010 MBFW


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Anna Sui Runway Fall 2010 MBFW Pendant Jewelry
Anna Sui Runway Fall 2010 MBFW

Anna Sui Fall 2010 Fashon Show during Mercedez-Benz Fall Fashion Week 2010

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Designer Anna Sui's Fall 2010 show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week provides some tips on planning for fashion craft businesses. Of particular interest to those in the jewelry-making trade, she accessorized her garments with Erickson Beamon tiled necklaces, each made from the reproduced works of Charles Rohlfs, an artist and designer during the Arts and Crafts Movement.

This lovely necklace combines what appears to be carnelian gemstone or polished wood ovals strung bead-style with a tiled focal pendant. Those with jewelry and garment arts and crafts businesses should start planning now to incorporate the same basic stylings in their fall/winter 2010 product line.

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