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Creating a Business Plan

Information and helpful resources on how to write a business plan. Learn the basic steps from the importance of having a marketing plan to preparing financial assumptions and projections.
  1. Describing Your Company for the Business Plan (3)
  2. Preparing the Marketing Plan Section (4)

Elements of a Business Plan
Learn about the eight basic elements every business plan should include. Also discussed is the appendix, an optional but handy addition.

Plan of Operations
The plan of operations section of the business plan is your A to Z on the running of your business. Break all operating procedures down into daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Then order and explain them in the plan of operations section of your business plan.

Prepare a Business Plan Before Quitting Your Job to Start a Craft Business
Before you quit a full time job working for someone else to start a craft business make sure you prepare a business plan. Working through the business plan will give you a good idea if you can cover your personal living and business expenses with the new venture.

How to Write a Business Plan
Critical steps to help guide you while writing your business plan.

Creating Your Business Plan Financials
Lenders and investors will want to see your business plan financials before putting money into your business. Well done financial information can help you get loans and attract investors, even in the start-up phase of your business.

Business Plan FAQ
Writing a business plan can be a daunting task. Before you get started, review About.com's Small Business Information FAQ to business plans. All the basic questions that frequently come up are answered here.

Create A Money Winning Business Plan Outline
Everything you need to know to create a money winning business plan outline. Learn what you need make sure your business plan is complete.

One Page Business Plan
If you don't need a business plan to raise money the One Page Business Plan Company provides samples of great one page plans to help you evaluate your company mission, strategy and plans.

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