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Selling Your Arts and Crafts Through Consignment

Useful information and resources about how to place your arts and crafts on consignment and establish a fair consignment agreement.

Selling Arts and Crafts on Consignment
Selling arts and crafts on consignment means you supply a shop, the consignee, with goods that their customers can buy. In return you receive a percentage of the retail cost when your arts or crafts item is sold. Find out the ins and outs of doing this and whether it's worth the effort.

Selling Arts and Crafts at Museum Gift Shops
One of the many ways to sell your arts and crafts is to market them through museum gift shops. Here are some tips on how to place your arts and crafts in museum gifts shops, some practical information on firming up your relationship with the museum and a caveat or two about dealing with museum gift shops sprinkled in along the way.

Finding Work in the Beading Industry
Stringing tiny beads into jewelry and accessories can be tedious. If you want to stay involved in this sort of craft without doing the actual stringing, consider being a beading manufacturing representative or hiring someone to do the beading for you. Here are my suggestions to a reader's question of "How can one could involve themselves with...

Selling Arts and Crafts to Seasonal and Year-Round Holiday Decoration Shops
Coordinating selling your seasonal arts and crafts at craft shows, online and brick-and-mortar seasonal galleries or shops is a good marketing strategy for your arts and crafts business. Here are my suggestions to a reader's question of "How can I find seasonal and year-round holiday decoration shops to wholesale my crafts?"

Start Selling Consignment in Eight Easy Steps
Selling your crafts through consignment can be a profitable way to market your products. Here's how to get started!

Free Sample Consignment Agreement Forms
Check out the basics of how to prepare a consignment agreement by reviewing these free forms.

Keeping Track of Your Jewelry Consignment Inventory
You must have a system set in place to keep track of all inventory placed on consignment. Read these helpful suggestions for record-keeping for the jewelry you consign.

Choosing an Online Consignment Store
Selling through an online consignment store may be an ideal way to market your jewelry. Follow these tips when choosing a reputable consignment store online.

How to Open a Consignment Shop
These tips contain plenty of help and guidance so you can quickly be up and operating through consigning.

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