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Using Etsy.com to Market Arts and Crafts

If you’re involved in arts or crafts, you’ve more than likely heard of Etsy.com, an online venue for buying and selling handcrafted products. Like any online presence, maintaining an Etsy shop takes work. Curious about Etsy? Thinking it may be a good compliment to the way you’re marketing your craft business at present? Check out my brief Etsy tutorials.

Start Selling on Etsy
If eBay’s the king in online marketplaces, the queen for crafters is Etsy.com. Etsy accepts listings for handcrafted items, is an online marketplace for supplies and also allows listings for vintage items.

Etsy.com Shop Basics
Learn the ins and outs of opening a shop on Etsy. Walk through the seven basic steps from picking an Etsy username to finding out about the listing fees and the Etsy community of crafters.

Creating an Etsy Account
Your first step to open an Etsy shop is to create a Etsy account. This requires you select a unique username representative of your shop concept.

Setup an Etsy Shop
Ever open a brick and mortar craft shop? The concept online is similar. Your Etsy shop should be visually appealing, easy to navigate and clearly spell out all your shop policies. Etsy provides templates for your shop setup to accomplish these purposes.

Adding Items to Your Etsy Shop
Before you can sell on Etsy, you need to add items. Etsy has five templates to help walk you through this procedure. Your first step is to make sure you have a good description and images for your item.

Etsy Standards of Handcrafting
Do you have an Etsy.com shop? If so, what do you think about the quality and prices of items sold by other shops? Post your opinion on the topic of whether or not Etsy.com allowing vendors to open shops selling items that aren't handcrafted.

Etsy Handcrafting Standards
Users Answers on the topic of Etsy Handcrafting Standards. I've recently heard from a crafter that they feel that while Etsy is a great site, they are providing a source for places like Taiwan and Thailand to sell their items for far less than can be sold in the US. Specifically, the crafter is doubting that some products can be handcrafted with...

Getting Ready for Etsy Wholesale
Take your arts and crafts business to the next level by selling wholesale online. Etsy Wholesale is gearing up to accept wholesale vendor applications. Find out how to prepare to apply to Etsy Wholesale.

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