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Adding Items to Your Etsy Shop


The next article in my series about starting an Etsy.com shop discusses Etsy’s Add new item option. This is where you upload item images and manage the items you have for sale in your shop. Open your Etsy shop. On the left-hand task bar under Items, click Add new item.This option walks you through five templates.

Etsy Item Info: The first template asks for your item name, description and materials used in your item. The information you put in each of these text boxes drives traffic to your individual item. Make sure it is both accurate and complete.

While it’s fun to have a cute name for your item, you’ll attract more traffic if the item name more closely represents what is being sold. And, for goodness sake, resist the urge to type away into the text box! Put everything into a word processing program first so that if there’s weirdness going on in the Web you won’t lose your copy before you get a chance to save it. You should also be running your copy through a grammar and spell check too before copying and pasting it into your Etsy.com shop.

Sort Your Etsy Item: Next, you pick a top category for your items. In text box 1 on this page, there is a drop-down list for you to choose from. All crafting supplies go into the generic supplies top category first. For your handcrafted items, pick the appropriate descriptive top category – for example, furniture, knitting or jewelry.

Using your top category selection, Etsy suggests tags for your items. Tags are the equivalent of keywords. Working through Etsy’s available selection of tags, select all tags that factually describe your item.

Etsy Selling Info: Your third task is to enter all selling info about the item: price, quantity and shipping profile. The price and shipping profile information automatically gets loaded into your customer’s shopping cart at checkout. Quantity determines how much Etsy charges your shop for the listing. If you added sections to your Etsy.com shop, select which section to place your item.

Etsy Images: Next, upload your images. You can have up to five images of each item. I can’t stress enough the fact that your images must be stellar. Check out the links at the bottom of this page for more info on taking pictures for your Etsy shop.

Etsy recommends your images be 1000 pixels wide with a maximum file size of 2MB. The following extensions are allowed: .jpg, .gif and .png.

Etsy Review and Post: Then review your work, make any needed changes and post. You can go back and change any posted item at a later date as well. But just be advised that once you click Finish you’re liable for the listing fee and your four-month listing clock starts running. More importantly, your item will be live in your shop, after a slight delay, it will be live site-wide on Etsy. So make sure you don’t have some goofy typo and exemplary images before you post your item.

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