1. Money

Handling Required Paperwork and Legal Filings

The difference between the three types of business entities and which is best for your business. Paperwork requirements including local, state and federal filings. Find out how to work around home-based business zoning problems.
  1. Protecting Arts and Crafts Intellectual Property (9)

How To Incorporate Your Business
Operate your arts / crafts business in Canada? Learn how to incorporate your business, from choosing where to incorporate your business through receiving your certificate of incorporation.

How to Get a Local Business License and Special Permits
Local start-up requirements for women-owned and other small businesses. How to get a business license, safety and health inspections, and special permits and licenses.

6 Tips for Navigating the Maze of Business Regulations
Legal requirements vary depending on business size and type. Become familiar with business regulations that apply to your business or else hire someone to advise you.

Using Celebrity Images for Commerical Resale
Using an image of a celebrity for an arts or crafts product or project will more than likely involve copyright and model release issues. Find out the basic facts of using a celebrity image to sell your product.

Certificate of Registration
Wonder what you receive after registering a copyright? Check out this example.

Limited Liability Company FAQ
Find out the difference between a limitied liability company and other types of business entities.

Checklist: of Incorporation Basics
It can be complicated navigating the incorporation process, but following this checklist can help ensure you don't get overwhelmed or miss any critical steps.

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