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Learn how to make a name for your arts and crafts business by using effective marketing and advertising techniques.
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Learning About Artist Front
Many arts and crafts contests and competitions use Artist Front to accept application online. It's free and easy to use. Find out more about Artist Front and learn how set up your own online portfolio of your arts and crafts images.

Setting Up Your Artist Front Portfolio
After you check out the various options and tools on the Artist Front website and set up your arts and crafts business account, it's time to upload your product images. Find out about setting wholesale prices in Artist Front and sizing your images at 300dpi.

Inexpensive Stock Images
It's hard to always be able to shoot just the right images for your web site. Additionally, sometimes you don't have the right camera equipment to take the perfect shot. Having appropriate images builds user interest and is a good selling technique for Ecommerce products. Find out where to purchase inexpensive (or free) images to use on your arts and crafts web site.

Six Free and Low Cost Way to Promote Your Arts and Crafts Business
Promoting your arts and crafts business is an ongoing process. While methods will change and evolve over the life of your business, free and low cost advertising is always a good idea. Find out about different ways you can promote your arts and crafts business on the cheap.

Three Arts and Crafts Business Trends
Smart arts/crafts business owners practice responsible crafting to increase prices and sales. This is particularly true in the areas of conflict diamonds and using eco-friendly or organic raw materials. Besides being good for our environment, it's good business practice to recycle and reduce waste in your arts and crafts business as cutting costs increases the bottom line.

Introduction to Google Merchant Center
Another on-the-cheap promotional suggestion, the Google Merchant Center lets you upload your arts and crafts item product feed into Google Shopping at no charge. This article shows you how to set up your arts and crafts shop in the Google Merchant Center.

Working Around Saturation Point
If you have with properly planned and managed your craft business growth, you will eventually reach a saturation point. Here's how to recognize when you've reached that point and what to do about it.

Networking While Teaching Arts and Crafts Classes
A reader ask: I will be teaching a jewelry making class at a very popular non-profit adult learning center in a large metropolitan area. How can I use this as platform for networking? Find out basic networking etiquette while teaching arts and crafts classes.

More Ways to Inexpensively Promote Your Arts and Crafts Business
Don't be shy. You should be the biggest cheerleader for your business. This articles gives cheap ways that every owners should be using to promote their arts and crafts business.

Promote Your Arts and Crafts Business with Yahoo Local
Promote your arts and crafts business for free by setting up a Yahoo Local listing. These listings are organized by geographic location and you can set up your arts and crafts business in five different categories. This article walks you through the steps to set up a free Basic Yahoo Local listing.

Using Crowd Funding To Build Your Arts and Crafts Business
Find out more about crowd funding and other arts and crafts businesses that have used this platform to successfully raise money for projects.

List Your Arts and Crafts Business on Google Places
Google Places is another free way to promote your arts and crafts business. Find out more about Google Places and how to set up your arts and crafts business in Google Places.

Best Practices for Using Yahoo Local
Interested in using the free Basic version of Yahoo Local? Here are some best practices to get the most use out of this listing tool for promoting your arts and crafts business.

Writing a Good Product Description
Having a great description for your product is very important regardless of how you make your sales. Certainly, it’s imperative for online sales so customers not having a chance to see your product in person have a better idea of what they are buying. But it’s just as important if you sell face-to-face to help finalizing the sale.

Starting a WordPress.Org Blog
WordPress.org boasts a 5-Minute installation if using one of their recommended hosts. Find out how to create your own WordPress.org blog. Learn more about the WordPress.org dashboard.

Examples of Arts and Crafts Product Descriptions
It may be impossible to please all your customers but you can increase customer satisfaction and decrease returns by including a complete product description for every item you sell. This is especially true for items you sell on the internet since your customer won't be able to see the art or craft product in person prior to purchase. Check out these examples of descriptions.

Designing Sustainable Packaging - Eco-Friendly Arts and Crafts
Making arts and crafts from recycled products has been a continuing trend. However, reusing and repurposing raw materials doesn't do a heck of a lot of good unless our arts and crafts products are provided to our customers in sustainable packaging as well. Designing Sustainable Packaging gives useful information about reusing and resourcing...

Creating a Logo for Your Arts and Crafts Business
Find out more about creating a logo for your arts and crafts business. Check out my two examples, one from Fiverr and one from Elance.

Introduction to Starting a Blog
Learn about blogs. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of blogs. This article also gives information about picking a topic and deciding whether to host your own blog or use a free blog service.

Reviewing the Difference Between Wordpress.com and Wordpress.org
Wordpress is a free user-friendly option for setting up a blog. This article discusses the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. The big difference is that you can't monetize a wordpress.com blog.

Picking Out a Domain Name and Host for Your Blog
If you want to start a monetized blog, you need to select both a domain name and a host. This article discussed using one of the three Wordpress.org recommended host Laughing Squid. Since Laughing Squid does not manage domain names, you also learn about the service I used to register my domain name.

Learn about CaFE, which many arts and crafts show use to handle their calls for entry. This article walks you through the registration process for CaFE.

Three Easy and Low Cost Ways to Promote Your Arts and Crafts Business
Promoting your arts and crafts doesn't have to be hard or terribly expensive. Check out my three ways to easily and cheaply promote your handcrafted items.

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