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Finding a Domain Name and Host for Your Blog


If you've come in the middle of this series of articles about starting a monetized blog, here's what you've missed so far:

The first article in this series gives some advantages and disadvantages of blogging and discusses hosting your blog. The second article explains the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. This article walks you through selecting a domain name and host for your monetized blog.

Registering My Blog Domain Name

Okay - just to make it clear, I'm not recommending any particular host or domain management organization. I just don't want to natter on with making a decision on this so I randomly decided to use Laughing Squid, a vendor recommended by Wordpress, to host my blog.

However, before I can get started with setting up my hosting, I need to purchase a new domain name. Laughing Squid recommends Hover, so following the path of least resistance, that's where I headed next.

Only to come to a screeching halt - GRRR. The name I had picked out a few weeks back had just been taken a few days ago. Oh, well, I went with my backup domain name and shelled out $13 to purchase the domain name for one year (without the mailbox option). I then went to Hover's instructions for pointing the domain name to Wordpress.org, which will come in handy after my domain name registers.

Picking Out a Laughing Squid Hosting Plan

While I'm waiting the 48 hours for my domain name to register, I decided to review the different Laughing Squid hosting plans. I don't think I'll need advanced features at this point in the game, so I am going with the Micro Squid option for $6/month.

I am curious how hard it will be to upgrade should my bandwidth/disk space needs change. An issue I found addressed in Laughing Squid FAQ, " Once you have exceeded any of your quotas, you will automatically be moved up to the next incremental package according to your usage. If later on you have reduced your usage, you can request to be moved back down to a lower plan." Well, that takes care of that concern.

Not sure what bandwidth is or why it is important? Bandwidth is the amount of traffic that can occur between your website and your users. Too little bandwidth will affect traffic. And since you are monetizing your blog, you definitely don't want a traffic jam!

Addressing the same for disk space, disk space refers to the amount of hard disk space you have available to store web pages, photos, etc on your website.

Reviewing Wordpress.org FAQ

Since I still have almost 48 hours until my domain name is registered, I decided to briefly read through wordpress.org's installation FAQ. It's an eight chapter tutorial, some of which I can tell won't be applicable to my particular circumstances.

A good place to start is at the beginning, "Things to Know Before Installing WordPress". If you've opted to use a WordPress.org recommended host, you'll have most of this battle won before you start.

Also, keep in mind that you need to use a text editor rather than a word processing program like Word for your blog. Your computer probably came loaded with Notepad or another text editing program. If it didn't, you can download Notepad++ for free.

The next article in this series about monetizing a blog talks about the 5-minute wordpress.org installation and other misc blogging topics of conversation.

Please note: While I initially was going to use Laughing Squid, I eventually ended up with DreamHost as you'll see when you go to my 5-minute WordPress.org install article.

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