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Making Arts and Crafts With Organic Materials
Three Arts and Crafts Business Trends

Silkworm Cocoons

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Generally, an organic product is one made in an environmentally friendly fashion and is biodegradable. The benchmark for food products is the manufacturer uses no pesticides or harmful chemicals during the growth process. The same facts are true for organic clothing, which are mostly made from cotton. Additionally, no cotton sold in the United States as organic can be the product of genetically engineered seeds.

Silk is another popular organic fabric. Although what constitutes a truly organic origin for silk is up for debate. The label of organic and ethical depends on the type of silkworm used and whether it is killed as a by-product of the harvesting.

Organic fabric origins can also be totally negated by processing the fabric. This includes any finishes or dyeing that is not organic in nature. For example, making the fabric wrinkle or water-resistant. Organic artists and crafters can produce colored organic fabrics by using organic dyes made from plants.

It is somewhat impossible for precious metal or gemstones to come from organic processes. There are gemstones containing organic carbon, such as some diamonds or amber. However, metal and most gemstones are not living things and have never been living things. Although jewelry made from fabric or materials such as bamboo, hemp, linen and silk, could have some sort of an organic origin depending on how the raw material is produced.

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