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More Ways to Inexpensively Promote Your Arts and Crafts Business


The first article in this series about free and cheap ways to promote your arts and crafts business discusses six ways including Google Places and Yahoo Local. However, six ways just aren't enough! Here are more free and cheap ways to get your arts and crafts business name out to all your potential customers.

Business Cards

Some people feel that business cards are no longer needed in today's online environment. Used correctly, business cards are a fantastic way to promote your arts or crafts business and drive traffic to your website. You never know when someone will ask you what you do for a living or compliment you on a cool piece or your wearable art!

As artists and crafters, this is a great way to put forth a mini-piece of your creative process. Need soem inspiration? Check out these cool business card ideas at the Creative Bits website. And don't miss this article, 51 Business Card Ideas That Will Make Your Look Twice. The examples are pretty darn interesting!


Craftgawker is a very interesting photo gallery site that lets you upload images of your arts and crafts that you are promoting in your blog. Craftgawker uses a modified jury selection process as the editors of Craftgawker review arts and crafts submissions daily and approves those with stellar, interesting images.

The website allows readers to search by arts and crafts category, tags and popularity. If the reader wants more info about the submission, they click on the image and are taken to your blog. There you can provide a tutorial for making the item or give your inspiration behind the arts or crafts item. Of course, the advantage for you is to use the blog to drive traffic to your e-commerce website or promote shows in which you'll be exhibiting.

Arts and Crafts Skill Searching Platforms

Use other websites to get found by customers who need your arts or crafts skills. One example is SkillPages. You upload your arts or crafts skill (here's an example showing the page about knitters), while you'll have to join SkillPages to see the full page.

Another option is Elance - here's a link to a page on the Elance webiste about graphic artists.

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