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Arts and Crafts Supply and Material Resources

Find the supply and material resources your need for your arts and crafts business. Information about online craft vendors.

Molding Materials for Your Arts and Crafts Business
Learn about the different types of molding materials to see which is best for your arts and crafts business. This article discusses kid-friendly plastic pellets, easy to use celluclay, a form of paper mache and plaster cloth, which takes much of the mess out of using plaster of paris.

Resources for Textile Arts and Crafts Businesses
Learn about online vendors and other resources to find textiles for your arts and crafts business. Discussed are organic fabrics, designer fabrics, silk, buying fabric swatches, yarn hanks for dyeing and finished textiles that you can use as a blank canvas.

Introducing Blitsy Arts and Crafts
Find out about Blitsy, an online arts and crafts supply liquidator. Selected arts and crafts supplies are discounted by up to 70% of retail.

Storage and Desk Ideas for Arts and Crafts
Having enough storage space is always a challenge. Learn how to organize your arts and crafts business home office.

Find the Supplies You Need for Your Arts or Crafts Projects
Sometimes I sketch out a great new addition to my arts and crafts product line only to find the raw materials to make it are difficult to find. Then I'll go to a seminar or trade show, connect with fellow artists and crafters and find a referral to a fantastic vendor. Here's a listing of reader recommended arts and crafts vendors.

Plastic Arts and Crafts Storage Containers
Looking for a way to store your arts and crafts supplies? Check out these plastic storage suggestions. Ranging in size from 40 gallons to desk-top organizers you'll find the perfect storage solutions for your arts or crafts business.

Finding Wholesale Suppliers of Yarn
Thinking about opening a yarn shop or are involved in fashion or textile arts or crafts? Find out how to find wholesale suppliers of yarn, textiles and related accessories.

Free Business Software
Find out about free business software programs you can tailor to your arts and crafts business. Included is information about word processing, spreadsheet, database, file syncing and sharing programs. Need to tweak product images? Learn about GIMP, a free program similar to Photoshop.

American Craft Magazine
Great educational resource for artists working in the media of clay, fiber, glass, metal, wood and other materials.

Portable Jewelry Making
Find out about jewelry making organizer totes that are perfect for making jewelry while you are traveling, presenting at show or just on the go.

Save Money on Craft Supplies
Cutting costs is important for the bottom line of your business. A great way to start saving is by spending as little as possible on craft supplies

How to Find Craft Deals Online
Buying crafts supplies online is convenient. While you can find good deals online, always check out the cost of shipping prior to ordering.

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