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Storage and Desk Ideas for Arts and Crafts

Organize Your Arts and Crafts Business Home Office


Storage and Desk Ideas for Arts and Crafts

Stash Desk by Blu Dot

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The first article in this series about arts and crafts home offices discusses the fact that many arts and crafts businesses are home based and gives tips on how to carve out space in your home for your business. Even if you need to rent studio space to make your craft, you are probably managing the business aspect out of your home.

Once you're found adequate space in your home to operate your arts and crafts business, organization and storage are the next problems to tackle. To follow are some tips on organizing your arts and crafts business that you'll find handy, home-based or not!

Storage Ideas

Having enough storage space is always a challenge. You can find organizers and containers online at Amazon, auction sites like eBay, at thrift stores in your area or at hardware stores such as Home Depot or Lowe's. Depending on the type of storage, it's a good idea to pick a unit that has wheels on it that way you can move it around easily.

Using Lost Space Under the Bed For Storage

If you are going to hide the storage containers, appearance isn't that big of a deal. You may have available space beneath the coats hanging in your hall closet. How about under your bed? Depending on the clearance, you could push long, low clearance plastic storage units under the bed. Also, linen stores sell plastic cups to place under your bed supports to raise the level of the bed. How about attaching casters to a piece of plywood and attaching a chain to the end so you can easily pull the storage out from under the bed.

Out in the Open Storage Ideas

If you are going to put the storage out in the open, consider attaching casters to more attractive storage units or pieces of furniture. Then you can easily roll them about when you need them. Check out Martha Stewart's instructions on making a mobile storage table. I also saw some very attractive mobile storage units in one of her magazines made from metal bins.

Desk Ideas

Having a suitable and ergonomic desk is essential as being comfortable where you work is the key to effectively and efficiently getting the job done. It's also important to have desk drawers or other little cubbies. I like wood desks as they also make great workbenches.

Here are a few desks on my wish list. While all are admittedly expensive, take the features that you like from each and go on the hunt to find them in a less expensive version. My starting point is always Target and IKEA.

If I had $1,400 to blow on a desk right now, the Trundle Desk by Eric Pfeiffer would be my top pick. I find it just unbearable cool and functional to boot! No drawers to store and organize your arts and crafts items, but who cares when the desk is this great looking? I'll just wheel a mobile storage table up to it!

Want more info about this furniture designer? Check out this article about about Eric Pfeiffer. He's also authored a book with Dung Ngo: Bent Ply.

Next up, The Stash Desk by Blu Dot is also quite a cool looking desk. As an added creative touch, the inside of the drawer is painted an eye-popping red. Plus, not discriminating against lefties, the drawer can be placed on either the left or right side of the desk.

Priced at $399, crafters good with wood-working tools could probably whip this desk up in a snap with a couple of saw horses, a salvaged door for the table top and a purchased drawer.

The least expensive of the three, the Parsons Desk by West Elm is more compact than either the Trundle or Stash Desk. This desk is made from engineered wood with a lacquered finish and has two drawers. However, this desk is suitable mostly for pushing paperwork due to the finish. It rings in at $299.

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