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Opening Your Arts and Craft Store

Find a storefront and negotiate a fair lease. Learn what fixtures and supplies you'll need as well as how to set up a floor plan and create appealing merchandise displays.

How to Open an Arts and Crafts Retail Pop-Up Store
A pop-up shop is a short-term retail space that appears seemingly out of nowhere, quickly drawing in customers, and then disappears when the optimal selling season is over. Using pop-ups shops are a great way for artists and crafters to have a retail presence during major selling periods during the year without the hassle of maintaining a full...

Pop-Up Retail Store Management
The first page in the series of articles about pop-up retail shops discusses finding the right location and mix of arts and crafts. This page discusses pop-up retail store management issues such as avoiding a craft mall feel, advertising your pop-up shop and setting pop-up retail store policies.

Pop-Up Retail Store Layout, Design and Other Advise
Page one of this series of articles about pop-up retail stores discusses finding the right location and mix of arts and crafts for your pop-up retail shop. Page two discusses pop-up shop management. This article wraps up the topic by covering tips for opening the pop-up such as visual merchandising, laying out your store plan and shutting it down at the end of the selling season.

Pop-Up Shop Operational Issues
Managers of pop-up shops should consider ways to keep their artist and crafts participants motivated to stay active in operations. One way is to implement a profit-sharing arrangement where net proceeds are split among all participating vendors.

Finding Retail Space for Your Arts and Crafts Pop-Up Shop
Find out how to find short-term storefronts for your arts and crafts business. Selling seasonally, such as Christmas crafts, in a short-term pop-up shop is a great way to bring in revenue while not having the responsibility of a year-round lease.

Beehive Co-op
Beehive Co-ops offer both arts / crafts business franchise opportunities and select highly qualified arts / crafts busineeses to work with Beehive as wholesalers. Find out about the franchise fees, the advantages and how to get started with Beehive.

Is Retail Ownership Right For You?
Do you have what it takes to own your own retail store? Before starting your business, take a moment to seriously consider your strengths, weaknesses and the qualities any good retailer should possess.

Top 10 Steps to Starting a Retail Business
The dream of starting a retail business can easily become a reality. With planning and a lot of initial work anyone can live the dream of owning their own retail shop. Use these steps to starting a retail business as a guide before you open a store.

Pros and Cons of Starting a Retail Business
22 great pros and cons about starting a retail business to consider before opening your own shop.

Bead Shop Training and Consultation
Basic info and consultation services for those who want to open a bead shop.

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