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Finding Resources for Your Arts/Craft Business

Resources and links to online craft supplies, craft organizations, craft schools and trade publications.
  1. Arts and Crafts Books (13)
  2. Arts and Crafts Tools and Techniques (20)
  3. Easy Instructions to Make a T-Shirt (4)
  4. Free Jewelry Making Instructions (15)
  5. How to Make Goats' Milk Soap (5)
  6. Supply and Material Resources (12)

Easy Instructions to Make a Gucci-Inspired Flower Neckline Dress
Easy DIY instructions to make a Gucci-Inspired flowered neckline dress like the one recently worn by Anne Hathaway. Find out how to design your own dress pattern or use a commercially bought one. Find out about fabric choices and measuring techniques to make this dress.

Seven Arts and Crafts Inspirational Resources
Before I start a new arts or crafts design I do a tremendous amount of research. This includes ripping pictures out of magazines with great color combinations or appealing shapes. Regardless of your area of art or crafts, find out which magazines provide great inspiration for your designs.

Beginner's Guide to Adding Color to Metal
Using the right recipe and process, it's fairly easy to add color to brass and copper. Find out how to oxidize metals to add a colorful patina using cat litter and other household items.

Introduction to Knitting Machines
Just about the only way to make money selling knitted goods is to use a knitting machine. Using a used home knitting machine at first before laying out the money for an expensive commercial knitting machine will give you a good idea if this is a venture you want to pursue.

Easy Instructions to Make a Flowered Embellished Neckline
Follow my easy DIY instructions to make a flowered embellished neckline. This style has been on trend for the last few years and can go from funky to elegant bridal to gorgeous prom wear. All it takes is a simple dress and either store-bought or hand-made fabric flowers.

Free Services for Arts and Crafts Websites
Issuu and Photosynth are on Time.com’s 50 best websites list. Issuu's Smart Look feature is an excellent way to create a catalog within your website or make instructional pages (like your FAQs) look like a book. Use Photosynth to create a three dimensional image of your product for online shoppers. Best of all - both offer a free version.

Introduction to Dapping Tools
A dapping tool is a relatively inexpensive tool that makes forming metal into uniform shapes a snap. Find out how to which is best for the beginner and how to use one.

Resin Arts and Crafts
Learn about resin arts and crafts made from a two-part epoxy. While many jewelry artists use resin, it is a great medium for sculpting, mixed media and painting. Find out about resin basics and artists and crafters using it in their work.

Using a Knitting Machine
Walk through the different parts of a simple home knitting machine. You'll find out how to set the gauge and what different needle positions mean. Plus, you'll discover that even simple home knitting machines have the ability to produce more than the stockinette stitch.

Information About Charmed Jewelry and Easy DIY Instructions for Making It
Charmed jewelry is one of those perpetual favorites that never go out of style. When done right, your charmed jewelry is a wearable statement of your personal life. This involves building your jewelry from scratch so that all the charms interlink and tell the tale that you want told. Find out more about charmed jewelry and learn how to make your...

How to Get Craft-Making Skills
It’s never a bad idea to take a class in your field of arts or crafts to advance your basic skills. Watching the instructor and your peers just may show you a better way to set up your workbench, perform your craft or you may get a referral to a fantastic vender. Here are some suggestions to find local arts / crafts classes.

Tips for Visiting a Bead Show
Here are some tips to help you navigate your way through a bead show so that you have a wonderful and productive day.

Using Polymer Clay to Create a Faery Figure
Interested in creating models using polymer clay? Check out this review for "Creating a Faery Figure with Wendy Froud". Easy to follow for the beginner, but also great for an experienced polymer clay crafter who wants to learn how to make models and figures. Wendy Froud is a well-known polymer clay artist who has created models for The Muppets...

Dapping Metal Lids
Now that you have an introduction to dapping tools, this article shows you how to use a dapping block to form metal blanks into shapes. A beginners project that requires no soldering skills, build on these instruction to make more complicated works of art!

Arts and Crafts Shows and Resources
Resources and links to online craft supplies, craft organizations, craft schools and trade publications. Listings for craft shows in your area. Get tips on how to run your arts and crafts business from other artists and crafters. Learn where the best places are to sell arts and crafts.

Leveraging Investments in Creativity (LINC)
LINC is a ten-year national initiative to improve the conditions for artists working in all disciplines.

Designing Sustainable Packaging - Eco-Friendly Arts and Crafts
Making arts and crafts from recycled products has been a continuing trend. However, reusing and repurposing raw materials doesn't do a heck of a lot of good unless our arts and crafts products are provided to our customers in sustainable packaging as well. Designing Sustainable Packaging gives useful information about reusing and resourcing...

Guide to Gemstone Mind, Body and Spirit Properties
Many jewelry designers combine gemstones based on their mind, body and spirit properties. If you are a jewelry designer or interested in Chakras, meditation or the ritual use of gemstones, this article gives information about blue lace agate, amethyst, aquamarine, aventerine, bloodstone and citrine.

13-Star Flag
Easy instructions to make a flag plaque loosely based upon the original flag design Betsy Ross made for the Continental Congress.

Easy DIY Instructions for Black Cat Halloween Treat Bag
Follow my instructions and pattern to make a cute black cat Halloween treat bag. If you're not a silk painting pro, use black felt to create the cat design.

Easy and Inexpensive Jewelry Making Instructions
If you are looking to add some leather jewelry to your arts and crafts business product line, try this easy-to-make wrapped leather bracelet. Recently they've been seen on many celebrity wrists which makes them a good seller for your business if properly promoted.

Plastic Craft Storage Containers
Looking for a way to store your arts and crafts supplies? Check out these plastic storage suggestions. Ranging in size from 40 gallons to desk-top organizers you'll find the perfect storage solutions for your arts or crafts business.

Easy DIY Instructions to Make a Resin Charm

Polymer Clay Dollmaking Supplies
If you want to use polymer clay to make dolls for your arts and crafts business, it's important to have the right tools. This articles gives you information about various polymer clay equipment and supply items. Of special interest is the polymer clay for dollmaking which eliminates the needs to use flesh-colored paints and a source for...

Keeping Safe While Working on Your Arts and Crafts
It's no fun when you injure yourself making your arts or crafts. Find out how to protect your fingers, hands, face and respiratory system.

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