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Easy DIY Instructions to Make a Wrapped Leather Bracelet


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Making a Wrapped Leather Bracelet
wrapped suede bracelet

Wrappped Suede Bracelet

Maire Loughran

The wrapped leather bracelet is a perpetual jewelry favorite. Very popular are those worn classic gladiator style bracelet, wrapped multiple times and finished with a sophisticated handcrafted clasp assembly. Also, in vogue are those that are constructed with one or two wraps worn knotted on the wrist 24/7 until the bracelet falls apart. For this type of wrapped leather bracelet no clasp assembly is required.

This article gives you simple instructions to make a classic gladiator style wrapped bracelet from suede. It is quick, easy and inexpensive to make. Plus the instructions are just a great building block for you to customize your own way. Never ventured into jewelry making? No worries - no jewelry making skills needed to whip up this bracelet!

Here is your supply list to make the wrapped leather bracelet:

  • Suede or leather lacing - tawny colored suede was used for this project. 2 yards minimum is suggested; 6 yards maximum. I purchased the Tandy brand suede used for this project from a large local craft store. Tandy also sells their leather products online.
  • Three inches of 14 gauge, dead soft half round gold filled wire
  • Five inches of 24 gauge dead soft round gold filled wire

The gold filled wire can be purchased online at Fire Mountain Gems.

Alternatively, you can also just use a purchased clasp that is in the same general shape as the one shown on this page.

Tool List to Make the Wrapped Leather Bracelet

  • Jewelry making pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • 2 wood dowels - 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch in diameter
  • Quick set glue

If you don't already own jewelry making pliers, you can substitute a pair of pliers from your toolbox until you see whether you enjoy making this type of item for your arts or crafts business. If this is a product you'll add to your line, I suggest going ahead and buying a set of jewelry making pliers as they are specifically tailored to the trade. And, I've found that using the proper tools always makes the job easier.

The next page shows you how to put it all together.

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