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Free Jewelry-Making Instructions


Check out these free DIY jewelry making instructions. You'll learn how to make bracelets, charms, earrings and necklaces. Quick and easy - no soldering skills required.

1. Instructions to Make a Basic Charm Bracelet

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Fascinated by charms and charmed jewelry? Use these easy DIY instructions to make a charm bracelet in 30 minutes or less. No soldering skills required! Although you will need basic tools and supplies such as glue, pliers and scissors.

2. Use Two-Part Epoxy to Make Resin Charms

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Find out how to use a mold and two-part epoxy to make resin charms. Just about any material can be cast in the resin. This is a popular way to make photo charms. Just make sure you follow the instructions for any porous item like a picture, that you may want to use.

3. How to Make a Knotted Sterling Silver Bracelet

This elegance sterling silver bracelet is a snap to make if you use split rings and split ring pliers. The instructions are for Figaro style sterling silver chains but you could use any chain with links large enough to use split rings. You could also use karated gold or gold-filled chains or any type of base metal chain.

Not sure what a split ring is? It's a triple ring that has an open end that pulls open and snaps securely shut - just like you probably use for your keys.

4. Aquamarine and Pearl Earrings

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Easy DIY instructions to make a pair of dangly aquamarine and pearl earrings. No soldering skills required. Quick and easy to make. Swap out the aquamarine with another blue gemstone or crystal to really cut costs!

5. Wrapped Leather Bracelet

wrapped leather bracelets
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If you are looking to add some leather jewelry to your arts and crafts business product line, try this easy-to-make wrapped leather bracelet. Recently they've been seen on many celebrity wrists which makes them a good seller for your business if properly promoted.

The instructions use gold-filled wire and honey-colore suede. However, you could use any type of leather, string, cloth with any type of metal. Spice it up by stringing beads on the leather prior to knotting.

6. St.Christopher Surfer Necklace

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This article shows you how to use jump rings and pliers to make a St. Christopher necklace. The good thing about this article is that once you master using jump ring pliers, you can add charms to many different pieces of jewelry without having to solder the links shut.

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