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Selling at Craft Shows

Information about how to find, enter and exhibit at craft shows, fairs, festivals and seasonal events.
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Dealing with Difficult Craft Show Shoppers
Difficult shoppers come in two different varieties: time wasters and profit cutters. Wasters passively cost you money because they keep you from attending to tasks. Profit cutters actively reduce your profits, mostly due to haggling, which is asking you to reduce your already well-though out price. Here are some suggestions on dealing with each type of difficult customer.

Suggestions for Dealing with Difficult Customers
Readers Respond: Difficult craft show shoppers come in two basic varieties: time wasters and profit cutters with many variations on those two themes. When working at craft shows, what are some of the difficult customer situations you've encountered and how have you handled it - maybe even turning the less-than-ideal circumstance into a...

From the Mailbag - Ending the Conversation With a Craft Show Talker
Ever been cornered by a craft show attendee that just wouldn't leave your booth area, in the process keeping you from helping paying customers? Here are some suggestions for politely but firmly letting the craft show talker know it's time to visit another booth.

Have You Considered Selling in Craft Shows?
If you have thought about selling your own work through craft shows, find out what it takes to become a craftsman selling significant amounts of product this way.

How Much Inventory to Bring to a Craft Show
Helpful tips to improve your sales at craft fairs and shows by providing adequate inventory.

How to Sell at Craft Fairs and Shows
10 useful tips on how to sell your crafts at fairs and shows. The differences between the types of events you choose to market your products at can mean the difference in success and failure!

Festival Network Online
Check out this searchable database of more than 17,000 festivals, arts and crafts shows with the ability to search by state.

Craft Shows in the United States and Canada
A list of craft shows in the United States and Canada. Find out what's going on in your local area!

Fighting the Bedbug Epidemic
Bed bugs are a big problem facing today's travelers. Educating yourself about the problem is half the battle. Find out about my bed bug experience while traveling.

Planning to Attend Craft Shows
If you are planning to exhibit at craft shows, now is the time to make a list of craft shows appropriate for your arts and crafts business. Check out prior shows to get an idea of the quality of crafts and mix of items at each show. Work on creating appropriate, high-quality inventory in sufficient quantity to make it worth your while to attend.

How to Take Images for Submitting to Arts and Crafts Shows

Shooting Your Crafts for Jury Submissions
Find out tips for submitting images to craft show juries. Learn about backdrops, whether it's ok to photo-edit and light tent alternatives.

Entering the Smithsonian Craft Show
Find out more about the Smithsonian Craft Show, the premier industry craft show held in Washington DC each April.

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