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Directory of Arts and Crafts Online Marketplaces


Considering selling your arts and crafts in an online marketplace? This articles gives you a heads-up on the most popular from Etsy to ArtFire to Artful Home and more! Find out the procedures and costs to sell at all popular online arts and crafts marketplaces.

I'll be updating this page frequently so remember to come back and check for new suggestions!  Welcomed are suggestions for other online marketplaces you may use for your arts and crafts business.  Own an online arts and crafts marketplace? Contact me with more information.

1. Etsy

If you’re involved in arts or crafts, you’ve more than likely heard of Etsy.com, an online venue for buying and selling handcrafted products. Like any online presence, maintaining an Etsy shop takes work. Etsy charges a .20 listing fee for each items and 3.5% sales fee. Etsy's sales feee does not include shipping costs.

Etsy has detailed instructions available for setting up your own shop and an active online community. Is there  money to be made at Etsy? - see Etsy revenue year-by-year since their start-up in 2005.

2. ArtFire.com

ArtFire.com, is an inexpensive way to market your arts and crafts online. ArtFire offers both a free Basic plan and a Pro plan costing $9.95 per month with no listing fees or commissions. Included in my series of articles about ArtFire.com are instructions walking you through the eight steps to opening an ArtFire.com studio.

Studio set-up is relatively easy. ArtFire.com also has an active online community.  And you can't bet the FREE price for their basic plan (Pro at $9.95 is pretty darn reasonable as well).  A nice way to get your arts and crafts feet wet! 

3. Handmade Artists' Shop

This online marketplace has been started quite recently by artists from The Handmade Artists Forum. The shops at this online marketplace are called HAF shops.  To sell at the Handmade Artists' Shop all items must be handcrafted. This includes both finished goods and supplies. You cannot sell unaltered vintage or resale items.

You have a choice of two different memberships for your arts and crafts business: monthly for $5 and yearly for $50. Payment is made to Handmade Artists' Shop through PayPal.  And that's it - no listing fees and no additional fees tacked on when you make a sale. You can list as many products as you like for the flat membership fee.

4. Supermarket Online Craft Marketplace

Supermarket uses a juried system to admit new artists or crafters. Submission of your arts and crafts images and any other info about your arts/crafts design business is done via email.  Once you are juried in, you can set up shop. Procedures for setting up a Supermarket shop are similar to Etsy and ArtFire.

Every 30 days, Supermarket calculates the commission your arts and crafts business owe them based on the sales you make during that period of time. The commission is 10% (not including shipping). You have to have a credit card on file with Supermarket because they charge your commission to your credit card.

5. Artful Home Arts and Crafts Marketplace

Another online marketplace for artists and crafters to sell their products online is Artful Home. Like Supermarket, there is a jury process costing $35. However, at Artful Home you have the possibility to not only sell your arts and crafts online but also through their catalog, which is widely distributed.

The initial jurying process requires your arts and crafts business submit at least four and not more than 12 items for a jury fee of $35. Once accepted, you also have to pay a one-time membership fee of $300, payable in either one lump sum or monthly installments.

6. Ruby Lane

In business since 1998, one online alternative for arts and crafts businesses is to open a Ruby Lane shop. Monthly fees are not exorbitant. Ruby Lane's standards for quality of workmanship are very high, which adds to your potential customer's confidence level. There is a one-time setup fee of $75 per shop. This is refunded if you shop is not approved. After that it costs 30 cents to list each item and there is a $20 monthly maintenance fee. You can pay your fees by personal check, money order or through PayPal.

7. eBay

Find out five ways to incorporate eBay into your arts and crafts business from About.com eBay guide, Aron Hsiao. Though there are many sellers that make their entire living buying and selling on eBay, the "completely online" business model isn't for everybody.

8. Sundance Catalog

Wrapping up this page of listings is Robert Redford's Sundance catalog.  Sundance's expected quality level is very high,  but if you feel your arts or crafts will be a good fit, you kick off the procedure by sending photos of your product and pricing information to Sundance either via email or the postal service.

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