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Directory of Arts and Crafts Online Marketplaces

Chictopia, Folksy


Considering selling your arts and crafts in an online marketplace? The first page of this list covered Etsy, ArtFire, Artful Home and more! Continuing with more arts and crafts online marketplaces, find out about Folksies and Chictopia. 

I'll be updating this page frequently so remember to come back and check for new suggestions!  Welcomed are suggestions for other online marketplaces you may use for your arts and crafts business.  Own an online arts and crafts marketplace? Contact me with more information.

1. Chictopia

This website is more of a fashion resource. However, they have a marketplace where artists/crafters in the fashion crafts (clothes, jewelry, accessories) list items for sale to the community. There is no listing fee. And you must have your own website to manage the sales flowing from your Chictopia listing.

Selling through Chictopia is juried. Set up an account with them and upload a few images of the items you would like to sell on Chictopia. Email Cheri at Chicotopia after you upload for approval. Definitely check out the quality of the images, workmanship and item discriptions of other sellers on Chictopia prior to approaching this website for listing prviledges.

2. Az Craz

Open to citizens of Arizona, Az Craze has some features that sets then apart from other arts and crafts online marketplaces:
  • Offering an affiliate program where sellers can have affiliates that help them sell their products.
  • Seller Points and Seller Incentives programs which can be redeemed for paying the monthly/yearly dues. The points never expire and even customers that are not yet sellers are still earning points via the incentive program.
  • And, for sellers using Etsy Az Craze has an importing tool that can be used to quickly add products on Etsy to Az Craze.

3. Folksy

Started in 2007, Folksy is the UK version of Etsy and ArtFire. Setup in a similar fashion, U.K. artists and crafters can sign up for free to sell handcrafted items. There is a listing fee for each item of 20p and Folksy collects 5% commission on all sales (not including postage).

You can sell handcrafted items or supplies on Folksy and you must use PayPal. Folksy currently only supports UK sellers. For detailed information on how to set up a Folksy shop, check out their 11 article knowledge base.

4. DaWanda

DaWanda is an online craft marketplace for handmade and customizable products. They also allow manufactured products in the Supplies or Vintage categories. DaWanda has an English, French and German platform. It is free to open a shop and no listing fees for the English and French platforms.

DaWanda charges a 5% commission fee on each successful sale. Ok, wondering why the German platform is the only one with listing fees? Per the DaWanda FAQs it's because the German platform is more robust and has more visitors - this makes sense as the first platform was German.

I was pretty impressed with their Search feature. Everytime I entered a tailored product term - only relevant product listings returned.

5. Coriandr

Like Folksy, another UK based online marketplace, Coriandr, allows any arts or crafts handmade and creative. The listing price is 20p per listing with a commission of 2.5% for each sale. There is nothing on the website indicating it's for UK based sellers only.  

Though, whether you are a UK based artist or crafter or not, it's doubtful if it is worth the time and effort to create a shop. Coriandr does not appear to have a tremendous amount of traffic.  I checked numerous product listings and none of them had any feedback. Their blog doesn't appear to have been updated since May 2010. 

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