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Setup an Etsy Shop

There are Eight Steps From Appearance to View Shop


After you’ve created your Etsy account, your next step to start an Etsy shop, is to setup your shop. Make sure it's visually appealing, easy to navigate and addresses shop policies. To start, enter your shop. On the left-hand task bar, Shop Setup contains recommended options. These options also contain an Etsy driven templates.

Before we walk through the templates together, I want to give you a thumbnail sketch of each option. Then your job is to create compelling, focused copy. Remember anything you do here can be changed with the click of the keypad, if you view your shop and think – yuck, that needs to be changed.

1. Esty Shop Appearance

This section is your way to customize your Etsy shop by creating the equivalent of a brick and mortar shop window. You’ll be able to pull in your avatar and banner if you have these to add some eye appeal to the top of your homepage.

You’ll also need to come up with a suitable short and sweet tag line for your shop and a Shop Announcement which is the place to tell your potential customers the history or purpose of your shop. This template also addresses Alchemy issues and allows you to enter a standard message sent to customers at purchase.

2. Etsy Shop Policies

Avoid emails back and forth between yourself and your potential customers by having a detailed and complete policy page. When I’m thinking about ordering online, I want to know what payment methods I can use, how the package will be shipped to me and most importantly the shop's refund policy and how they handle damaged merchandise. Most shoppers want the same sort of information. Etsy also gives you room to address any special policies applicable to your shop.

3. Etsy Shop Sections

Want to list your goods in different areas of your Etsy shop? Your Etsy shop can have up to 10 different sections. If you make clothes, you can have a different link for tops, pants, dresses etc. that shows up on the top right-hand side of your homepage. However, you’ll still have the Etsy required ‘Special section’, which contains all of your items.

4. Etsy Shop Shipping Options

You are able to customize your shipping costs using this option. It allows for choosing different shipping costs using your home country and the customer country as criteria. Therefore, you can charge different fees for shipping USA to USA than USA to UK – for example. You can also set different shipping costs for multiple item orders.

5. Etsy Shop Payment Methods

Before you can list items in your shop, you need to setup how your customers will pay you. Etsy has options for personal check, money order, PayPal and other. Use the other option if you have your own merchant account and can process credit cards outside of PayPal.

6. Etsy Shop Vacation Mode

Not going to be able to attend to your shop for a period of time? Use vacation mode to advise your customers of the fact. This announcement replaces your shop announcement on your homepage. None of your items will be available for purchase.

7. Etsy Shop Web Analytics

Powered by Google, use this option to optimize your item listings using the right keywords and phrases to have high ranking with the search engines. After all, if you customer can’t find you they can’t buy from you.

8. View Your Etsy Shop

Woo-hoo! Now’s the time to see the result of all your hard work. Check out your shop and make any needed changes prior to listing items.

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