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Types of Crafts

All crafts can be broken down into five major headings: textile, paper, decorative, functional and fashion. Find out about the different types of crafts in each of the five major headings.

The Five Types of Crafts
All crafts can be broken down into five major headings: textile, paper, decorative, functional and fashion. Check out my list and you may have an aha! moment. Sometimes were just so busy doing the everyday tasks that make up our business that we forget there are other complimentary craft areas we can expand into.

Tips for Starting a Knitting Craft Business
Thinking about starting a knitting craft business? Your primary objective is to make sure you can make a profit while turning your love of knitting into a craft business. This article contains my tips on starting a knitting business from selecting knitting patterns to finding knitting resources.

Knitting Designer Kaffe Fassett
Learn more about knitting, one of the textile crafts. One of the masters of knitting is Kaffe Fassett. Find out more about this knitting designer and his two color method of intarsia knitting.

Starting a Paper Craft Business
Find out more about starting a paper craft business. Paper crafts are more than just origami or paper mache. A relatively inexpensive start-up craft business it includes greeting cards, wallpaper, lampshades and bookbinding.

Paper Mache - A Type of Paper Craft
Paper mache is one example of paper crafts. Dating back to AD 200, this type of craft is worthwhile to explore as it's inexpensive and easy to learn. Plus, it can be incorporated into other arts and crafts designs to add surface interest. Find out the basics of paper mache.

Starting a Beading Craft Business
Beading is just about the easiest way to handcraft jewelry. It's also used in garments and decorative items. A cheap and easy craft business to start, find out the basics of this craft skill.

Jewelry Making Using Soldering
One method of jewelry making uses a hot torch to join pieces of metal using solder. Soldering is one of the most basic techniques in jewelry making, but also one of the hardest to master. Learn about the basics of soldering including jewelry making resources.

Using Cold Connections To Make Jewelry
If you don't want to learn how to solder or don't particularly want to invest in the necessary gas, cleaning and torch required to make jewelry by soldering, there are unlimited ways to make fine jewelry using cold connections. Cold connections include wire-wrapping and using rivets, staples and glue to connect metal to form your jewelry creations

Collage and Assemblage
Collage arts and crafts are created when similar types of materials (paper, fabric etc) are combined to create paper and decorative arts and crafts. Assemblage combines different types of materials. This form of arts and crafts requires no special tools or training. Check out these fantastic free and relatively cheap resources for this craft.

Collage Materials and Supplies
When thinking about collage, the first thing that pops into many heads is that collage is a paper craft. Certainly many wonderful pieces of collage art and craft are created using paper. However, collage technically involves combining any type of material that is the same. Interested in collage? Here is your shopping list for collage materials and supplies.

Difference Between Collage, Assemblage and Papier Mache
From the mailbag this week: What the difference between collage, assemblage and papier mache ? Aren't they all pretty much the same since they are made by piecing together paper or other material?

Holiday Decoration Arts and Crafts
If you want to participate in holiday-oriented arts and crafts, you're reaching the break-even point to get moving on your designs. While there are many arts and crafts shows during the 4th quarter of the year selling gift items, this article particularly addresses crafting and selling holiday decorations.

Knitting for Profit
If you knit as a hobby and would like to turn your love of knitting into a profitable craft business, you may be afraid you'll never make a profit since it takes so long to knit a garment. To work around this problem, you may have to modify your knitting mindset somewhat. Check out my suggestions for transforming knitting from a hobby to a...

Start a Crart Business Creating Children’s Items
Felting and knitting children's items is an easy and inexpensive craft business to start. Find out more about each and recommended resources.

Handcrafting Handbags To Use While Riding Bicycles
Find out the trends for handcrafting stylish handbags for girls on bikes. You'll learn about construction must haves and different designs.

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