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Tips for Starting a Knitting Craft Business

Turn Your Love for Knitting from a Hobby to a Business


Tips for Starting a Knitting Craft Business

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Knitting is a great craft but a major downfall to owning this type of craft business is the amount of time it takes to hand-knit most any type of apparel. Unless you are a top knitwear designer like Kaffe Fassett, you probably won't be able to sell your product for a reasonable return on the amount of time spent - never mind the material. However, if you are a casual knitter wanting to start a crafts business clicking and clacking your needles for profit, don't despair! It is possible to follow your dream and make a profit too.

Those who knit for fun, can make a profitable craft business specializing in knitted goods if they are willing to modify their mindset somewhat. For example, a sweater knitted with an intarsia pattern may not be feasible but can be a nice trim type addition. To follow are some other suggestions for moving knitting from a hobby to a craft business:

Using a Knitting Machine

A knitting machine can be either semi-automatic or completely automatic instrument that effectively speeds up the process of turning yarn into a product. Yarn is looped onto needles and the knitter runs a carriage back and forth over the needles forming the knitted stitches. In its most uncomplicated form, a knitting machine produces flat pieces of stockinette stitched fabric in a fraction of the time it takes to hand knit the same.

Knitting in the Round

Knitting in the round uses a special type of knitting needle that produces a column-like piece of knitted fabric that does not have seams. Think about any skirt you've ever seen or worn - most skirts are constructed from two major pattern pieces with a seam on either side connecting the two pieces. Knitting in the round adds simplicity to the construction of garments or home accessories such as a pillow by eliminating the seams.

Knitting Accessories

Knitted gloves can be time consuming to assemble but there are quite a few other types of accessories you can quickly whip up with your knitting needles. Some examples are headbands, caps, bandanas and handbags. Keep in mind that a great target market for these types of knitted accessories are young women, 10 - 20 years in age. These types of items are quick to knit and use very little yarn. Check out the image on this page - knitted caps can be high fashion.

Just about any type of yarn is suitable for knitted accessories. Just make sure you select the right yarn for the project. For example, thick wool yarn is good for winter but not so great for a summery headband.

Knitted Beach Wear

Like knitted accessories, knitted beachwear is quick and inexpensive to construct. While knitted beachwear isn't suitable if the customer plans to get wet by jumping in the water, it is very popular for pool or beachside. For example, a walk on the beach, lounging by the pool or continuing the day at the beach into a meal at dusk on a beachside restaurant patio. Great examples of beachwear you can whip up in a flash are halter-tops, camisoles, wraps and ponchos.

Ideal yarns for beachwear include cotton, bamboo and silk. The target market for beachwear is quite expansive, ranging from little girls to retirees - depending on the design and amount of coverage.

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