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Reader Submissions: Your Favorite Arts and Crafts Products


Out of all the types of arts and crafts, which do you sell in your business? Share some images of your favorite products, tell us about them and also browse through the favorite products of other arts and crafts business owners.

Handcrafted Personalized Pillows

I sell retail via Etsy in my shop Belinda Lee Designs. I also carry some items on my business website. While my customers have ranged in age and geographical location, they share a common desire to g…More

Baby Diaper Cakes

Retail , but I am open to providing wholesale diaper cakes. My company started small, and it's still a small business, but it is slowly growing. You can visit my site at newbabydiapercakes.com to get…More

Handcrafted Scrapy Hats

I would like to sell wholesale; right now most are retail. I have quite a few versions of these hats and am writing patterns so I can sell the patterns. Eventually, I would like to open a shop where …More

Cell Phone Decoration Kits

At my store you can find high quality, high fashion Cell Phone Decoration Kits and kawaii decoden supplies, that includes: alloy cabochons, resin cabochons in different shapes and sizes, flatback res…More

Metal Sculpture

We are small business dedicated to creating unique and beautiful works of aquatic art. Any ocean lover, fisherman, and nature enthusiast will be proud to display our various sculptured art. Ideal for…More

Original Lifesize Art Cloth Dolls

Neither...still practicing ....I am aiming for a collection of ten dolls of different ethnic groups, hair colors and eyes. All my faces are hand painted with acrylic paint. The faces are all imaginar…More

Customized Cake Maker

We are the Premium Customized Cake maker's in Hyderabad, we make cakes according to the wishes of our customer's, they can send us Images according to their likings or themes from anywhere in the wor…More

One of a Kind Wood Working Items

the purchaser contacts me by calling 512/986-7630 - E-mail at RSirois@Austin.rr.com, or in person . we then decide just exactly what you need, work up a price , I recieve 50% down and the remainder …More

Scrats Stocking Hats

I sell retail but with the larger orders I will give a discount. My website is http://alden711.tripod.com I plan to do several local craft shows in the Omaha, Ne area. You can also find me on Faceboo…More

Hand Carved Custom Themed Chess Sets

I only sell retail. I would sell wholesale, but it's the same price as retail. It makes no difference to me if one individual orders one set or 10 sets. It takes me the same time to make 10 sets for …More

AuroraBottleLights - UP CYCLED accent lighting

I open my AuroraBottleLights on Etsy on August 30, 2012. Extremely happy even with EVERTHING you have to LEARN besides ETSY the Social Networking which was total new to me. AuroraBottleLights was con…More

Beaded Jewelry

I began selling my eyeglass necklaces retail recently in April 2013 in Artcraft, the shop that I work. It's a store full of wonderful eclectic works of art and customers love the place! I was excited…More

Customised Designer Cakes

We sell Whole sale as well as Retail. Our prices start from Rs.750/- Kg for Vanilla flavour and rest of the flavours are charged at Rs.850/- Kg, If you want two or more combinations of flavour it wil…More

Wood Working

The decision to purchase a wood carving is optional,I have donated a few items to the military non profit organizations. And evey once in a while they are able to purchase once. It takes a while to …More

Acrylic painting and Mixed Media

I sell the following products retail:Paintings: Michigan, my home state, is my current painting inspiration. I am beginning a new body of work focused on the majestic beauty of Michigan’s land …More

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