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Acrylic painting and Mixed Media

Submit an Entry: Your Favorite Arts and Crafts Products

By jennsemporium

Acrylic painting and Mixed Media

Acrylic painting of Oriental Poppies

Acrylic painting and Mixed Media

Mixed Media Wall Hanging - Life Begins

What Types of Arts or Crafts do you Handcraft?

I offer a wide variety of products from all of my creative endeavors including original paintings, mixed media originals, prints and other print-on-demand products of paintings and mixed media pieces, inspirational art prints created from my digital work, and gum paste flower sprays.

Do you Sell Wholesale or Retail?

I sell the following products retail:

Paintings: Michigan, my home state, is my current painting inspiration. I am beginning a new body of work focused on the majestic beauty of Michigan’s land and seascapes and it’s abundant floral and fauna.

Both my original paintings and fine art prints including giclee prints (pronounced zhee-klay) made from my paintings, are available for purchase.

Mixed Media Wall Hangings: If you like texture, then you will love these mixed media pieces that are layered using a combination of any and all of the following: stamping, acrylic paints, inks, fabric, paper, findings and more applied to a stretched canvas. They are available in a variety of sizes and as I am always creating, you are sure to find something unique that fits your decor or to purchase for a special gift.

Both the originals and print-on-demand prints of the originals are available for purchase.

Inspirational Wall Decor Prints: As a digital artist and digital scrapbook designer, I love creating inspirational wall decor and art from my photos, my digital art, digital papers, page sets and embellishments and putting them together with my favorite quotes

Gum Paste Flower Sprays and Fondant Creations: As a Wilton Cake Decorating Method Instructor, I discovered a love and new art in creating Gum Paste flowers and sprays for weddings and special occasion cakes and cupcakes. It’s the edible Sculpey!

You can purchase pre-made sprays or place a custom order to meet your special needs. Contact me for a quotation today.

Print on Demand Products: I sell prints and other print-on-demand products of my paintings, mixed media pieces, and inspirational wall decor.

Lessons Learned

  • I am just starting out as an online business selling my arts, crafts and other creative products! It is a lot of work but very exciting and fun! I know have a website and a facebook page.
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