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Original Lifesize Art Cloth Dolls

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By SheriGrafx

Original Lifesize Art Cloth Dolls

Doll #11 - 48" Ht. Cloth Doll with handpainted face

Original Lifesize Art Cloth Dolls

Doll #11 -

What Types of Arts or Crafts do you Handcraft?

Original Lifesize art cloth dolls

Do you Sell Wholesale or Retail?

Neither...still practicing ....I am aiming for a collection of ten dolls of different ethnic groups, hair colors and eyes. All my faces are hand painted with acrylic paint. The faces are all imaginary and it is on ongoing challenge

to become better at painting, but I maintain my style as you may recognize

as modern urban folk art. The dolls are all one of a kind and can be dressed

in a little girls size six clothing and are 48" Ht. The hair is yarn, as I want to maintain the old fashioned cloth doll style, but in a more modern and sophisticated version. It is a hand weave strand by strand, so you may style if you choose too. My dolls can be used as mascots, room decor, retail display or to delight the adult who is young at heart...It is an unusual and very special handmade, colorful attention getting conversation piece. I love having a few of my girls just sitting around in my living room. They all have their own personality. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy creating them, because each is a labor of love.

Lessons Learned

  • Always trying to upgrade my skills of doll making as I am fairly new at it, and self taught. Dare to dream and create whatever your vision is.
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