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Original OOAK Lifesize Cloth Art Dolls

Submit an Entry: Your Favorite Arts and Crafts Products

By sheri williams

Original OOAK Lifesize Cloth Art Dolls

Doll #9

Original OOAK Lifesize Cloth Art Dolls

48" doll

What Types of Arts or Crafts do you Handcraft?

original ooak lifesize cloth art dolls

Do you Sell Wholesale or Retail?

Neither but planning to start selling retail. It is very intimidating to try and begin the research and marketing strategies to launch my doll. She is within a very small niche and there is a lot of details and variables to think about.

The rewarding part of my work though is not all about the money, but the love of creating.

Lessons Learned

  • Trial & Error. The never ending lessons of hands on experience

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