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Wood Working

Submit an Entry: Your Favorite Arts and Crafts Products

By Randy Sirois

Wood Working

The angel is a daughter and her puppy, of a friend

Wood Working

scale models of Harley Davidsons

What Types of Arts or Crafts do you Handcraft?

I have been working with wood for 48 years, and have my own technique, I hand carve with power tools, chain saw, Dremel, etc. and carve wood relief fine art. My website amd business name is Excalibur 7 Wood Graphics.com.

Do you Sell Wholesale or Retail?

The decision to purchase a wood carving is optional,I have donated a few items to the military non profit organizations. And evey once in a while they are able to purchase once. It takes a while to complete an Item. I am handicaped.

Lessons Learned

  • I have studied Graphics arts in Texas Tech, My Mother was a well known art teacher in Abilene,texas. I have not taken a lesson working with wood.

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