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eBook About Jewelry and Craft Photography

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By grdbum

eBook About Jewelry and Craft Photography

Inexpensive Jewelry Photography ebook cover

What Types of Arts or Crafts do you Handcraft?

After I started making jewelry I joined a forum about making jewelry in order to learn more about jewelry making.

I soon discovered that many of the people that make jewelry don't know how to photograph their beautiful creations well.

I started offering advice to people on this forum about how they can improve their jewelry photography.

After doing this for a short period of time I decided that I could help a lot of artisans photograph their creations by writing and selling an ebook about jewelry and craft photography.

I have been selling my ebook for over two years.

Do you Sell Wholesale or Retail?

I only sell my ebook retail. I do change the price up and down once in a while to test my price.

I am a big believer in trial and error, so I test everything.

I sell my ebook online at http://www.inexpensivejewelryphotography.com

Before I started selling my ebook I was selling soap making supplies online. That gave me the background that I needed to create a website for my ebook and it also the knowledge that I needed for marketing my ebook.

If you don't know how to market your product(s) you will not make many sales.

It took me a little more than one year to write my ebook, have it edited, make the corrections, do the photography for the ebook, create a PDF file for the ebook, have a ebook cover made, and build a website to sell my ebook.

I distribute my jewelry photography ebook through Booklocker.com. They are very fussy about who they accept and they turn down most authors that want to use them to sell a ebook or a printed version of their book.

The reason that Booklocker accepted my ebook is because I had a excellent editor.

My ebook sales are in the 4 digits. Not too bad for a very small niche.

The reason that I sell my ebook through Booklocker is because, at that time, I felt that they provided the best service for immediate download of my ebook once the person has paid for the ebook.

Of course Booklocker takes a share of each sale for their fee for the immediate download, sending me a check for the sales that I made the previous month, and for placing my ebook on their bookstore website.

Basically, once I gave Booklocker all of the information to set up an account and the PDF file so that they can deliever it to the people that purchase it, I don't have to ever do anything except cash my checks from Booklocker. Occasionally someone who has purchased my ebook will ask me a question about photogaphing jewelry, but not very often.

Once in a while I have someone that wants to pay with PayPal, but that is very rare.

I offer a PayPal payment option as a service to those people that would rather not pay with their credit card or for those that do not have a credit card.

I have taken a couple of checks too.

I thought about letting other people sell my ebook as an affilitate, but I don't feel that there is enough money in it for either me or the affiliate.

Lessons Learned

  • Know your target market. If you don't know your target market you will not be successful selling your product(s).
  • It is very important to know your competition.
  • Know how to price your product(s) correctly.
  • Test EVERYTHING at least once. Don't take anything for granted. Even though you may not think that something will work, test it anyway. You may find that what you thought would not work actually does work.
  • Keep good records of all of you income and expenses for income tax purposes.
  • Know the income tax laws so that you can take advantage of the deductions for business owners.

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