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Share Your Story: Summer 2010 Arts and Crafts Shows - Calls for Entry

By American Society of Artists

Date(s) of the Craft Show

July 21-22, 2012 - Wilmette IL 19TH ANNUAL EDENS ART FAIR

Show Location

Edens Plaza, 3232 Lake (Lake, Skokie & Edens Expwy), Wilmette IL

Application Deadline and Fees

10'x10' - $155 - may be a few xtra 1/2 or double spaces available

may be a few 5'x10' spaces available - $120.00

Please jury with 4 images representative of your work you wish to exhibit, one of your display set-up, your first/last name, physical address, daytime telephone number - resume/show listing helpful.

Submit to Asoaartists@aol.com or to American Society of Artists, PO Box 1326, Palatine IL 60078 - include a self-addressed, stamped business-size size (No. 10) envelope. Tell us it is for the Edens Art Fair

Details About the Show and How to Get More Information

Held on pestigious North Shore of Chicago in midst of Chicagoland's most significant retail market. Customer base includes affluent residential communities which boast some of the highest per capita incomes and home values in the nation. Loyal, knowlegeable, supportive customer base

American Society of Artists

PO Box 1326, Palatine IL 60078





Lessons Learned

  • Submit images of your work (individual pieces)
  • Submit booth image so that overall display can be clearly seen
  • Questions - please ask.
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